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Maps. Made Easy. By You.

With Maphic, you can create interactive, thematic maps on your iPad. This easy-to-learn app lets you visualize how data varies based on sales region, neighborhood, political district or any other boundary.

Draw or import map regions, color-code them, display them on your iPad and export presentation-quality map graphics for use in slideshows and other media.

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Latest News:    With Maphic, you can create interactive, thematic maps on your iPad. [...]
Who's Using Maphic?
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Sales Professionals

Sales professionals use Maphic to see how territories are performing, identify under-served areas, measure responses to targeted promotions and campaigns, and look for opportunities to grow.

Political Organizers

Political Organizers use Maphic to analyze voting patterns, track and coordinate volunteer efforts, and decide how and where campaign resources will be put to best use.

Urban Planners

Urban planners use Maphic to track and display zoning laws and land-use ordinances, produce custom on-the-fly maps for projects and neighborhoods, and visualize how changes in zoning will affect different areas.

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